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Rhode Island Apple Group Floppy Disk Collection

This collection consists of thousands of floppy disks primarily for the Apple II and III series of computers, from the collection of the Rhode Island Apple Group (RIAG). RIAG is an Apple Users Group from Providence, RI that was formed in the 1970s for the support of the Apple II. From the site:

The Rhode Island Apple Group (RIAG) is the Ocean State's premier support organization for users of ALL Apple and Apple OS computers - Apple II, Apple III, Lisa, Macintosh, and all clones using Apple Operating System software are welcome here. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing and disseminating information about the use of these wonderful machines with our friends and neighbors in southeastern New England.

A certain number of these disk images will not boot and will require external booting of the Apple II before being able to read the disk. Some are possibly blank or mislabeled, as they were passed from owner to owner and re-used. In some cases, these disks have been marked as BAD but are left online both to show they were imaged at a time, and for possible information extraction in later times.

Date Archived
Floppy disk images from the Rhode Island Apple Group. The Internet Archive Software Library is a large collection of viewable and executable software titles, ranging from commercially released products to public domain and hobbyist programs. Using the JSMESS emulator, users can "boot up" an emulation of the given title and use it in their browser. More titles are added frequently, and users are encouraged to donate newly found floppy disk images and programs.
RIAG Crate 004: 069 Mario Bros Pooyan Qbert Montezuma's Revenge
RIAG Crate 007: Softdisk 097 (October 1989) (Disk 1) (Side A)
RIAG Crate 004: 043 Defender Death Star Dung Beetles Dig Dug Draw Poker
RIAG Crate 004: 072 Creative Computing Outdoor Games Haunted House
RIAG Crate 004: 061 Millionare Stock Market Simulation Game Blue Chip Software
RIAG Crate 004: 083 Night Stalker Phoenix Beachhead
RIAG Crate 005: Volume 004 Softdisk Demo
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 287 8 Bit Font Editor
RIAG Crate 004: 082 Murder on the Zinderneuf
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 222 Santa's Workshop
RIAG Crate 005: Volume 046 Sparkee Fire Organ #2
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 290 ATP Apple Terminal Program
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 205 Newton's Apple Science Programs Part 2
RIAG Crate 004: 049 Moonmist
RIAG Crate 004: 005 Infocom Game Docs Leather Goddesses of Phobos Trinity Moonmist
RIAG Crate 004: 059 Mr. Do
RIAG Crate 005: Volume 030 Music and Sound Effects
RIAG Crate 004: 050 Max Command
RIAG Crate 004: 075 Pac Man Penny Arcade Pen Ultima III Phoenix
RIAG Crate 11: Rails West
RIAG Crate 004: 054 Miner II
RIAG Crate 010: 293 Volume 293
RIAG Crate 005: Volume 054 Applesoft Basic Games
RIAG Crate 11: Serpentine and Variations
RIAG Crate 11: Robot Odyssey (Side 1)
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 296 MAN ENG Master of Evil Graphics Adventure Game
RIAG Crate 005: Volume 018 Music and Sound Effects
RIAG Crate 004: 056 Blank Disk
RIAG Crate 008: 055 Wordstar 3.0 Master Backup
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 269 Preschool Games 1 5yrs
RIAG Crate 008: 024 General Ledger Accounting 1 Data Entry Disk Version 1.7 1980 for Apple II Plus
RIAG Crate 004: 074 D.I.S.C. Outpost Hadrom Nightmare Gallery Prelude
RIAG Crate 004: 077 Personal Financier (Eagle Software Publishing) (1983)
RIAG Crate 004: 074 Road Rally
RIAG Crate 008: 060 DORA Backup
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 299 Hubble Space Telescope
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 265 Planetary Orbit Simulator
RIAG Crate 005: Volume 115 Games
RIAG Crate 004: 071 Odyssey The Complete Adventure
RIAG Crate 004: 076 Pandora's Box
RIAG Crate 11: Softporn Adventure
RIAG Crate 004: 068 One on One Pinball Jouster Fid
RIAG Crate 004: 064 Mind Prober
RIAG Crate 004: 065 Mind Prober
RIAG Crate 004: 078 AceCalc
RIAG Crate 005: Volume 014 Integer Basic Games
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 178 Print Shop Graphics Disk 5
RIAG Crate 004: 071 Infidel
RIAG Crate 007: Softdisk 135 (1993) (Disk 1) (Side B)
RIAG Crate 004: 056 Mission on Thunderhead Island
RIAG Crate 004: 079 Personal Financiaer
RIAG Crate 004: 019 King's Quest Side A
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 263 Science Trivia
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 306 Jigsaw Puzzler
RIAG Crate 005: Volume 135 Arcade Games
RIAG Crate 004: 032 Loderunner
RIAG Crate 004: 047 Movie Maker
RIAG Crate 007: Softdisk Index
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 291 Quests of Cimmaron Graphics Adventure Game Side 1
RIAG Crate 004: 057 Millionaire
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 301 Math Word Problems
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 291 Quests of Cimmaron Graphics Adventure Game Side 2
RIAG Crate 11: Seven Cities of Gold (Side 1)
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 151 Apple Writer IIe Utilities and WPL
RIAG Crate 004: 016 Karate Champ
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 305 ProDOS Menu Programs
RIAG Crate 004: 058 Black Belt (Book)
RIAG Crate 004: 080 Pinball Construction Set
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 270 Prescott Apple Corps Disk Side 1
RIAG Crate 006: Volume 294 Planetary Travel Game
RIAG Crate 004: 044 Might and Magic Side A
RIAG Crate 11: Roadwar 2000 (Side 1)
RIAG Crate 005: Volume 045 Ed's Plot Package
RIAG Crate 004: 062 Merlin by Glen Bredon